Special Need: FIV+

Sherbet Sherbet was found wandering around in the front yard of a house belonging to a parent of one of our employees. No one in the neighborhood claimed ownership or wanted him, so he came to Tabby's Place.

He was a sweet older guy and we were happy to welcome him to the family. To our dismay, he turned out to be FIV+. The FIV+ Suite was a little crowded at that time and he was obviously gentle, so we moved him into the Executive Director's office, to share digs with Piper.

Once we place a cat in upscale accommodations, it is hard to "bump them back to coach." So, Sherbet is now a permanent resident of the boss' office.

While his housing might be upscale, his (feline) officemate is a bit of a roughneck. Piper needs to be the center of attention and is not timid about smacking Sherbet in the head to keep him in line. Fortunately, Sherbet will defend himself when necessary, and takes it all in stride.


He is a good officemate and Jonathan (the Executive Director) makes sure to give him some on-on-one time (when Piper is sleeping, of course).

Sherbet's FIV infection compromises his immune system, leaving him more susceptible to infections than the average feline. Once a cat is infected with FIV, it is for life. FIV is most commonly transmitted through bites, and it's much more common in male cats.

Sherbet is a very sweet boy, so we are hoping he will get a home of his own, despite his FIV+ status. Meanwhile, he and Jonathan (and, begrudgingly, Piper) are very happy to share an office.

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$15/month provides antibiotics, to treat the infections to which FIV+ cats are more prone

$32/month provides 30 minutes of vet time

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