Special Need: spinal injury

Pepita It's said that the name 'Pepita' means "one who seeks all that is genuine and true. She needs to be loved and to love, but without overly exaggerated gestures and declarations, thank you very much." We could not have said it better.

The first time you see Pepita, she'll likely be perched up high in our Special Needs Suite. From that bird's eye view, Pepita surveys both the lobby kitties through her picture window, and the goings-on of her rambunctious suitemates.

A pure white fur "necklace" frames an incredibly sweet face of artistically-designed white and black as she waits patiently for you to approach. This kitty is calm and confident in her knowledge that those who enter her world won't be able to resist her charm.

Pepita's sweet demeanor gives no hint that, sometime in her short life (3 years old as of summer 2014), she suffered a spinal injury, causing urinary and fecal incontinence. Pepita is unable to fully empty her bladder, so our staff must gently express her bladder twice a day. In addition, Pepita receives daily medications to relax her bladder and to soften her stool (as she's also prone to constipation).

Through all this poking and prodding, Pepita harbors no rancor toward humans. Sweet pumpkin that she is, Pepita loves to interact with people. It's as if, deep inside, she knows that a remarkable million-fold lovefest is hers at Tabby's Place.


Pepita's injuries also impacted the nerves in her tail, leaving it limp and unable to communicate her mood and desires. Ever creative and resourceful, Pepita replaces her tail signals with the combination of an irresistible 'come hither' look and an intense 'lock 'em down' stare that just won't let you leave without one more chin rub. Clearly, the lack of tail function isnt holding our girl back from letting us know what she wants.

It's easy to be fooled into thinking Pepita is an introvert and a bit shy -- until you bring out her little green mouse. Magically, that cute little introvert becomes a booming extrovert at play. The energetic kitten in Pepita comes out, and you'd better be ready for some action.

We know it will take a very special adopter to offer Pepita her forever home. Until that happy day, you can help give Pepita a long life filled with love and green mouse playtime. Your generosity will help to keep this beautiful girl a precious part of the Tabby's Place family for as long as she needs us.

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$20/month pays for the medications to relax Pepita?s bladder

$63/month provides 1 hour of expert veterinary care for Pepita

$150/month provides 1 hour of staff time to express Pepita?s bladder

Any amount will help our Special Needs cats