Update for Luna

Update for Luna

Dear Sponsors of Luna,

Sadly, I have not seen Luna since 3/8/20.  THREE MONTHS!!!  I worry:  will she remember me, be happy to see me….?  I can’t wait to find out the answers to those questions once the world opens up again and I report back to you.  I have seen photos but have not been in her orbit in just way too long.  She is such a gregarious girl, I wonder if she has a lonesome heart, which makes me sad, but then I remember Luna’s zest for life.

A lot has happened in the world since the last time I said, “See ya’ Looney!”  In fact, too much has happened and in these unprecedented times, we really have to look to find the good.  But it’s out there, and you, dear Luna supporters, are part of that good.  Though Luna may be missing her many admirers, thanks to your caring and generosity, her stellar Tabby’s Place care continues.

Helping with sterile gown delivery

She continues to be the happy, curious girl we all love.  The adoption of her officemate, Clark, has meant that she once again has more space to explore. But Luna gets herself into trouble when she weaves through the medical testing machinery and nibbles on the tubes attached to these devices. New cabinetry is being installed to protect against this and in the meantime, the vet tech team has created a series of temporary barriers to keep Luna from creating mischief or hurting herself.

On the medical front, one of Luna’s allergy medications needed to be increased this month. While she still has some crusting on her chin, her face looks good otherwise (she’s so beautiful—am I biased?), as you can see from the attached photo.

She did develop an ear infection so she had a change to her antibiotic. The cytology report identified a yeast infection as well. While her left ear is clearing, her right ear actually became worse and is being monitored.

With each update I pen, I pray that with the next one I will be able to report on spending time with our precious Luna.  Until then, thank you again for your support.  Be well.

Your correspondent,