Update for Luna

Update for Luna

Dear Team Luna,

With the “dog days of summer” behind us, we are all looking forward to some cooler, gentler weather and the lush burst of fall foliage Labor Day signals is on its way. Luna and the rest of us would like to acknowledge the Quinn’s Corner construction crew for braving an unusually wretchedly hot summer as they worked so diligently to make the dream of our new wing a reality. And we’re so close to the finish line! We are currently waiting for a temporary certificate of occupancy so we can begin to use parts of the new building, like the new Operations Center. Our Grand Opening has been officially pushed back to the spring. Once we can move in, renovating the existing Tabby’s Place laundry and holding rooms can begin.

Totally tubular Luna

In other exciting news, Tabby’s Place is once again officially open to the public every day between 1 and 4 p.m. (except on select holidays). Luna joins the staff in encouraging you to visit when you are in the area. While she is always busy attending to her patients and her heavy workload, Luna would be happy to take a moment to greet you and acknowledge your sponsorship. Frankly, we think she gets a little bit of secret pleasure from showing off her nursing skills. If you’re quick, you just might catch her in the act of “breaking in” to an off-limits cabinet and help keep her out of trouble! Of course, you might also discover that Luna has developed a fondness for drinking Jess’s tea. Watching Luna carefully insert her head into the Mason jar Jess uses for this tasty libation is a wonder to behold. How she extricates her head from that glass jar is a mystery to all of us—a real Ripley’s Believe It Or Not feat of showmanship. No …we haven’t captured any pictures yet, but we’ll keep trying!

Luna’s busy schedule precluded her from attending the Annual Volunteer Appreciation picnic, but Anka and Cotton assured her it was a great success. The two of them had tremendous fun meeting and greeting everyone, and it certainly was a day we will all long remember. For those volunteers who could not join us, please know just how much your tireless work and tremendous generosity are appreciated by Luna and all of the Tabby’s Place staff. You are our heartbeat and our lifeline. We simply could not do all we do without you. It is your genuine love and support that sustains us, and we can’t believe how very blessed we are.

On the medical front, Luna’s allergies had a flare-up in August, resulting in some skin irritation on the right side of her jaw. No treatment changes were necessary as it resolved under her normal care regimen, which includes allergy medications. Today, her kitty countenance is as lovely as ever it was, and we swear she grows more athletic and svelte with each passing day. What a miracle Ms. Luna’s story is:  misery magically turned into majesty, great happiness, and joy. Once again, we thank you for your generous donations and support on her behalf. She simply loves you for it and looks forward to seeing you when you next visit us at Tabby’s Place!

Your correspondent,