Update for Charlie

Update for Charlie

Dear Friends,

I did it! I worked it out! I can use the new screen door now, and I’m so happy! You will remember I was having issues last month. Momma had gotten a new screen for the door that goes between the bedroom and my screen solarium, and I couldn’t work out how to get out of it. The scooting cats figured it out quickly, but I just couldn’t do it, and it was frustrating.

Finally, I just got tired of waiting for momma to let me out, and I pushed the middle. It opened up for me and closed behind me—it was like magic! Now I understand this new, magic screen, I can come and go as I please again. This makes me very happy because I love my screen solarium.

As soon as momma wakes up in a morning I head out, lay in my favorite spot that overlooks the outside world, and wait for breakfast. Momma serves breakfast to me in my spot, gives me insulin, then I take a nap in a sunbeam. I have to make the most of my screen solarium time early in the morning because as soon as it starts to warm up momma makes me come inside, she shuts the door and turns on something she calls a.c.  This a.c stuff makes the house cool. Weird, huh?

I had to go to Tabby’s Place twice this month for a check of my anemia. One of the times my bloodwork said I didn’t have anemia (I still don’t understand how bloodwork talks. I don’t hear anything, but the humans seem to.). The last time I went the anemia was back,  not sure where it had been, but it was back, so I had to have a shot to make it go away again.

I have to go back for more bloodwork next week. I wish this anemia stuff would leave me alone because it means I have to keep going in the car. I hate the car because it makes me feel so yucky. Momma keeps giving me medicine she calls an anti-nausea before we go, but it never helps.

We had 2 very small cats here for a while, which are called kittens. Momma was fostering them because they didn’t have a momma cat to care for them. I liked them,  they were cute and nice, but oh my goodness,  they are always so busy! These kitten things are always running around like crazy things. It wore me out just watching them! They have both left our house now.  Momma said they got adopted and got a home of their own.

It’s nearly treat time, so I should go and get ready. Don’t want to miss that. Thank you all for your support of me, and for being my friend.

Your pal,
(with help from your correspondent, Karina)