Update for Kitten Fund

Update for Kitten Fund

Dearest Kitten Fund friends,

Once again, we are re-re-re-re-reminded: there is no such thing as “unadoptable.” Just when we feared little Amy might be a Tabby’s Place lifer, along came her miracle. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Why did we think a mere baby might be here all her days? Amy is…challenging. In addition to being rather feisty (OK, violent) with both humans and cats, Amy is chronically unable to keep her bottom clean without assistance. We feared this tricky combination would frighten potential adopters…but, as often, our fear was unfounded.

At the end of September, little Amy was adopted by a wonderful person who loves her exactly as she is. Making matters sweeter, Amy’s adopter also took Hope. Like Amy, Hope had a terrible start in life (in her case, being injured by the roadside, and found beside her deceased sibling). Hope and Amy bonded almost immediately at Tabby’s Place, and now they’ll be together for life.

Still awaiting their forever homes with us as of this writing are little Golly, Romy, Michelle, Troy, Calista, Rabia, Kit, and Bunny. I had the pleasure of getting to know Bunny (pictured below) and Kit (above right) a bit just the other day, and I have only one word: adorable. Okay, more than one: scrumptious, kissable, delightfully snuggable, to name a few more.

Now, I have to confess, I’m apt to be a bit biased toward a kitten named Bunny. I am a Tabby’s Place twofer collector it seems – I have a dilute calico named Precious at home (the first of two dilute calico Precious cats to call Tabby’s Place home). I also have a gray and white FIV+ Edward at home, though he’s not the Edward of Suite FIV fame. And, (you may have figured out) I have another little darling named Bunny who graced Tabby’s Place with the first litter born at the sanctuary before I brought her home for good. Bunny the kitten could do no wrong in my book…but then, she didn’t, anyway!

Bunny and Kit get crated overnight, and by the time I came in to see them on the day in question, they had already been tucked in for the evening. Kit was being a good little one, curled up and trying to snooze. Bunny, on the other hand, was bent on trying to work her way out of the crate, the better to charm me! She butted and nuzzled my hand, hugged me through the crate bars, climbed as high as she could, reaching to clamber onto my shoulders. She just wouldn’t take no for an answer. Did I mention adorable?

Friends, it seems that Kitten Season has finally slowed (though we know there are always a few off-season surprises!), and we’ll soon be taking stock of another champion year of helping little kittens find health and homes. Thank you, as always, for your generosity, loving them always and celebrating their small victories.