Update for Buddy

Update for Buddy

Greetings to Buddy’s sponsors.

One of the great joys of writing Buddy’s monthly updates is the opportunity to spend extra time with him. These visits include the task of capturing at least one magical photo for you. Buddy makes that challenge an extraordinary one. Alas, this month my best efforts yielded only this fuzzy photo of the transport tunnel, with a whisk of Buddy’s tail as he flew out to the solarium.

Some of my attempted photo sessions with Buddy result in scabbed knees, hair-raising climbs up ladders, and scrambles into tiny cat spaces…only to end up with a glimpse of his belly stubbornly glued to that solarium tube. To love Buddy means to love the chase, too. Fortunately, fellow volunteer Heather happened to capture the beautiful photo you see at right, so we know that photographing Buddy is possible!

Buddy has shown little interest in his new buddies in the FIV+ Suite. Although he is a cat’s cat, with a history of cozying up to every cat in town, crowd pleasers Mr. Grey Fluffy Pants, McNulty and newest arrival Chachi do not seem to float his boat.

Buddy has, however, been making himself known to potential adopters. Three recent visitors were greeted by Buddy bounding down the ramp to greet them, vigorously bumping his head against their hands and doing his very best to seal the deal. His spotty history of inappropriate elimination has been a bit of a deterrent, so all of his Tabby’s Place fans will be allowed to love him in person a little longer.

Thank you for your generosity to Buddy. Until his adopter arrives, you’re making it possible for him to live a life of love and good health at Tabby’s Place. Have a terrific month!