Update for Boobalah

Update for Boobalah

Greetings, Dear Sponsors!

I hope this update finds you welcoming in 2024 with open arms. It still seems strange to write that, but here we are, as always, moving forward, full speed ahead to see what the year brings us.

Boobalah’s spirits are high and she welcomes each day in anticipation of what it will bring. Well, other than being expressed! On this particular day, she discovered a basket that was obviously put there so that she could conquer it and claim it for her little ole self.

Tabby’s Place is holding a Paws to Read, “Read Across America Day” event on March 2nd from noon – 3 pm. This program is one of many that Tabby’s Place sponsors. Paws to Read provides a safe, supportive environment for children, usually kindergarten-age and older, to read to the cats. It’s a win-win for the cats and the children.

                  Boobalah in a basket

Boobalah happily participates in the program!  If you should know of anyone interested, please RSVP to kj@tabbysplace.org to hold a place for the youngster (who must be accompanied by an adult).

In medical news, Boobalah’s blood pressure was checked and will be rechecked in three months. She has been noted on a few occasions this month to cough after she was expressed. We are monitoring this closely.

             Beautiful Boo!

 At this special time of year, and always, Boobalah hopes that you will be her Valentine. She and all of us at Tabby’s Place appreciate your steadfast love and support of sweet Boobalah. You help to provide the care and love that she needs to thrive. Boobalah sends you her love and gratitude. XOXOXO

Wishing you a beautiful month!

Your correspondent,