Update for Anastasia

Update for Anastasia

Happy Summer, Anastasia Devotees!

I’m back from a short hiatus and was thrilled to reconnect with Anastasia and the other wonderful kitties at TP. I certainly missed a lot of action though, as the fur was flying in Suite A this past month.

For as long as I’ve been visiting Ana, I can’t remember another kitty that actively fought with her. Usually, Ana hisses and whichever cat was unfortunate enough to get too close will turn around and back off. So, you can imagine my shock when I heard about Coconut. I haven’t had a chance to meet this wild child yet, because he has fortunately been moved to Suite B.

Before leaving, though, Ana had an unpleasant experience with rough Coconut. As far as the staff can gather, Coconut had little Ana backed into a corner and with the stress of trying to get away, she ended up completely tearing off one of the claws on her left rear paw.

I felt horrible for sweet Ana when I heard this news, and it happened to docile Star as well. As you can see from these pictures, though, Ana seems to be doing fine now that Coconut has left. Her (and Star’s) injuries were minor and easily fixed with bandages.

In more shocking news, I’ve noticed that the once shy Desi has been quite giddy, outgoing, and all around adorable on my past few visits. What could possibly have brought this timid guy out of his shell? CATNIP! I’ve never noticed before, but Desi goes crazy for catnip (Ana too, though to a much less extent), and it’s a quite fun to watch!

That’s all for now, but let’s hope that Ana has a quiet month of naps and no emergency manicures.