Quinn’s Story

Tabby’s Place launches Capital Campaign for Quinn’s Corner: a haven for the most forgotten cats


Fifteen years ago, Tabby’s Place forever changed the world for cats, welcoming felines from the most hopeless situations. They’re about to do it again, kicking off their first Capital Campaign, in April 2019.

The Capital Campaign will support Tabby’s Place’s first expansion since opening in 2003. This long-awaited dream is possible thanks to a generous donor working with the Community Foundation of New Jersey – and inspired by her extraordinary cat, Quinn.

This Capital Campaign marks a unique opportunity for cat lovers to invest in changing the world for cats. Expanding Tabby’s Place from 7,100 to 12,000 square feet, Quinn’s Corner will be a one-of-its-kind haven for cats with nowhere to turn: those afflicted with feline leukemia virus, or FeLV.

A poorly understood disease, FeLV has long been considered a death sentence for cats. (The disease is contagious among cats, but not to humans or any other animals.) FeLV+ cats are typically euthanized at animal shelters and even at veterinary offices. The disease requires a high level of individualized care and vigilance.

Quinn’s Corner at Tabby’s Place will be a true haven of hope. In addition to providing sanctuary for up to 50 additional cats, the expansion will change the future for all FeLV+ cats. By nurturing FeLV+ cats with the best care, all in a cage-free, world-class environment, Tabby’s Place will champion the value of their lives. In addition, Quinn’s Corner provides a unique opportunity to understand the disease, improving treatment, care and outcomes for FeLV+ cats beyond the walls of Tabby’s Place.

Reaching out in love to FeLV+ felines has long been a dream at Tabby’s Place. But it’s only becoming reality thanks to a courageous kitten named Quinn and her deeply generous “mom.” Found face-down in the snow as a kitten, Quinn came to Tabby’s Place in the arms of a Good Samaritan in 2015. But devastating news lurked in the little one’s blood: Quinn tested positive for FeLV.

Unequipped to house FeLV+ cats, the sanctuary scrambled to create Quinn a private suite, where her fragile immune system would be protected, and other cats would not be exposed to the virus. One extraordinary day, a visitor arrived seeking to adopt a cat who needed hospice care, specifically requesting the neediest cat. In what felt like a miracle, Quinn had a home.

But the miracle had only just begun. Several months after Quinn’s adoption, bloodwork showed no trace of the feline leukemia virus. A growing team of veterinary specialists were mystified, as this “just doesn’t happen.” Doctors cautioned that Quinn would likely test positive again in the near future. But, four years later, the once-fragile kitten is a robust, joyful, perfectly plump adult, free from FeLV.

Quinn’s astonishing life inspired her adopter – already a hero for embracing the neediest hospice kitten – to seek to turn the world right-side-up for FeLV+ cats. She approached Tabby’s Place with an extraordinary offer: to fund the creation of a haven for FeLV+ cats, all for the love of Quinn.


The Community Foundation of New Jersey team worked with Quinn’s adopter to fine-tune her goals, create a philanthropic fund to support the work, and ensure both steady funding and continued impact.

Quinn’s adopter has funded the majority of the required construction and initial operational costs, but caring for FeLV+ cats is a costly endeavor. Generous additional support is needed to make Quinn’s Corner sustainable for many years into the future. If cat lovers rally around Quinn’s Corner generously enough, the expansion will also include a world-class nursery for kittens, and several improvements for all the cats in Tabby’s Place’s care.

The launch of Quinn’s Corner, and the capital campaign, is a landmark moment for serious cat lovers. To be part of this unprecedented adventure, and to fund a flourishing future for FeLV+ cats, click here.