About Felis Catus

"Felis Catus?"

"Felis catus" is the scientific name of the species felis catus. We chose it as the name of this blog because the term captures the essence of Tabby's Place: we care for cats with

  • emotion, giving them the love, interaction and respect they desevre,
  • science, providing a high level of medical care for our cats, particularly our many special needs cats.Malcolm


Why dId you Start this Blog?

Because after 5 years of saving and caring for almost 700 cats we believed it was time to share our love and knolwedge of felines with the world. Frankly, we don't think anyone knows more about cats than we do.

What will the blog cover?

We are starting with three catgrories:

  • Tabby's Place: an insider's view of life at the sanctuary. You will read about the ups, the downs, the decisions and myriad other day-to-day issues.
  • Health: we deal with virtually every disease and malady that can befall a cat and we will discuss our more interesting cases here. If you're interested in feline health issues, this is your categoiry.
  • News: we will cull unusual news about cats from around the world, focusing on items you're not likely to read elsewhere.

Can I Participate?

We encourage participation. You can comment on any posting (instructions at the bottom of the posting page). We also welcome feedback regarding the blog, particularly suggestions for new categories and topics. You can send us feedback via the "Feedback" link on the sidebar on most blog pages.

You are also welcome to be a guest blogger if you have something interesting to share about cats. Just let us know.