Lions of Tabby’s Place

In every community, there are those who take on the role of guardians. While others care and contribute, these sentinels love at another level. In good times and bad, the guardians are there, faithfully protecting and upholding the weak. It is only because of these keepers that the community can thrive in all seasons.

Tabby’s Place is seeking to create a guild of guardians for our cats’ futures. This select group, the Lions of Tabby’s Place, will be the pillars and protectors of the neediest cats. Our Lions will give at a level showing extraordinary commitment to the cats. By donating $5,000 or more each year, the Lions of Tabby’s Place will protect and guard the cats’ future for generations to come.

When you choose to become the bedrock of the cats’ future, we’ll be delighted to honor you with prominent signage in our Lobby, special thanks in our newsletters, and your photo (if you wish) and name listing on the Lions of Tabby’s Place webpage. Higher levels of support will allow for additional naming opportunities. Of course, if you prefer, we’ll keep your kindness anonymous.

If you feel called to become a Lion of Tabby’s Place, we would love to speak with you about your dreams for the cats. Please contact Founder & Executive Director Jonathan Rosenberg at 908-237-5300 ext 226 or; or Development Director Angela Hartley at 908-237-5300 ext 235 or

The cats need each of us to give our best. Please consider rising up as a Lion of Tabby’s Place.