Gender Female
Age 11 years
Breed domestic shorthair
Color & markings black/brown/orange/white torbie
Personality friendly, playful, timid
Good with children DISLIKES
Good with dogs UNKNOWN
Good with cats LIKES
Help Support Tanya
Tanya is a beautiful torbie with patches of white and brown and orange tabby throughout her coat. The most striking of Tanya's features is her eyes which are a lovely shade of pale green. Our best guess is that she's around 3 1/2 years of age (as of 1/2011).

Tanya is a sweet girl, but tends to be somewhat timid around people with whom she isn't familiar. She is quite different with other felines though. She's loves cats and is very confident around them. Although, sometimes she can be a bit domineering with more timid cats.

This beautiful girl has a lot of potential to be a loyal, affectionate companion. All she needs is a patient owner who will give her the time she needs to come out of her shell at her own pace. Could you be that person?

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