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July 26th, 2010 [10 Comments]

Secret lovers: Trey & Cypress

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CypressIf there were a tree growing in Adoption Room #2, we’d see a heart scratched into its side, complete with Cupid’s arrow shot through. Scraped into the middle would be the initials: C + T = TLF (true love forever, for those who have been more successful than me at forgetting middle school acronyms).

And now, even without that telltale heart, Cypress and Trey‘s secret is out.

CypressWith the exception of a few exceptional volunteers, no one has been privy to Cypress’ secrets in her year-plus at Tabby’s Place.

One of her primary secrets has been the fact that she’s not a disembodied head.

Really. She’s not. I know. It’s scandalous!

Cypress has spent 99.9% of her Tabby’s Place existence hunkered down in the cubby of a cat condo, with just that (apparently bodiless) head poking out, eyes round with skepticism about the world and its inhabitants. But last week, when eagle-eyed staff spotted her outside of her cubby (!), we received proof at last that Cypress has a body.

Cypress gettin' licky with it - photo by Tabby's Place volunteer Bonnie WestbrookThen, exceptional volunteer B. revealed a second scandalous secret: Cypress can actually enjoy human attention.

Granted, the human attention must (literally) be coated in beef-flavored baby food…but we’ll take the love where we can get it. After seeing these photos, I insisted that B. let me count all of her fingers. (We generally don’t condone feeding cats – especially scared cats like Cypress – off of one’s fingers, since it’s all too easy to confuse finger and food.) It’s possible B. has seen a very skilled finger-replacement doctor since the pics were taken, but it appears she still has all ten digits.

Quite a feat in the realm of semi-feral Cypress.

Cypress + Trey = TLFThen there’s the biggest secret I can spill: it turns out Cypress has a true love.

A picture doesn’t lie (well…unless it’s a Photoshop disaster, but I promise these aren’t doctored). As you can see, Cypress has been caught in the act of being madly in love.

The object of her affections? None other than the second-largest, easy-going-est, mushy-heartedest cat at Tabby’s Place: Trey.

Who needs an ace up her sleeve when she can have your very own Trey of hearts?

Cypress & TreyMaybe it’s because, at 29, I’m still a starry-eyed single girl myself, but I’ve got to believe there’s someone for everyone. Cypress finds Trey’s incredible girth inspiring. Trey takes one look at Cypress’ old-man-style ear hair and it makes him want to coo into those hairy ears all day long. Beauty is as beauty does…and these two are as beautiful as they are smitten.

You may recall that the third member of this kooky suite is none other than “mad” Max, he of the feline hyperesthesia syndrome and the Prozac dose heavy enough to level a woolly mammoth. Naturally, when the papparazzi (a.k.a. B.) swooped in, Max would not be left out of the action.

Ahem.Max says ME TOO ME TOO ME TOO!!!!

Yes, three may be a crowd, but nothing can temper the looooove flowing in Adoption Room #2 this summer.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll even get to see that carved heart in the cat tree before the last summer night.

*Special thanks to Danielle and B. for most of these photos.

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10 Responses to “Secret lovers: Trey & Cypress”

  1. Ayla says:

    Cypress is so beautiful! I’m glad she’s finally coming out of her cat tree condo and starting to trust people – at least a little. She looks like the kind of cat you just want to cuddle with! There’s someone out there who will come and adopt our scaredy cat (and maybe Trey too) and now maybe sooner then later!

  2. mishale70 says:

    Awwww……such a thrill to hear that Cypress is becoming a bit more social. And that she’s found love with Trey. I’m a total sucker for a happy story. Much love to Max, too.

  3. Carolina Cat Lover says:

    With all the love, caring and socializing that the cats get from the staff and volunteers it is just a matter of time before they come around. A dual adoption would be great for Cypress and Trey.

  4. Lynnwebb says:

    Who’d have ever thought our Prissy Miss Cypress would come around this far in a relatively short period of time. Ever since Angelo was adopted I’ve often thought Trey needed someone else to snuggle up to and be adored by. On the other paw, however, there’s Miss Cypress who I’m sorry to say still looks scared in a couple of these pics. Who knows, maybe Trey can be the one to show Cypress not all us human beans are bad beans.

    • Bonnie says:

      Actually, that “scared” look was because of the photogs bobbing around in front of the window trying to get some good shots! She just wasn’t ready for her close-ups, Mr. Demille!

  5. akatklein says:

    Goooooooo awesome volunteers!!!!! Love Cypress’ progress!
    I also just love Trey, I’ve always have had something for him.

  6. nik11676 says:

    Oh how funny!! I must have been there the same day these were taken!! I have the same picture, but I took mine from inside the room! Cypress actually let me slowly approach them and pet Trey. Judging by the look she gave me, I decided not to try petting her! 😉

    I’m sorry, but I just love Max!! Look at that big mush trying to get in the picture!! 🙂

  7. Karen says:

    they are SO beautiful together!

  8. SuzanneD says:

    Cypress and Trey make great lovebugs. Now I really want them to find the same forever home. Who could have the heart to separate the snuggliness in those photos? 🙂

  9. HibaKhalil545 says:

    LOL Max! I want to adopt you SOOOO badly!!!!

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