Gender Female
Age 11 years
Breed domestic medium hair
Color & markings black/brown tabby
Personality friendly
Good with children UNKNOWN
Good with dogs UNKNOWN
Good with cats LIKES
Help Support Dove
Dove is a torbie with medium-length fur. Her coat is distinctly mottled, but she has the typical tabby pattern on her forehead, as well as an orangey face with a white muzzle. She's a little thing, but she is fully grown, although our best estimate is that she's just over a year old.

Unlike some of her suitemates, Dove appears to be a gentle girl. She doesn't back down from other cats, even from the suite's "wild thing" (in fact, the two of them get along well), but she's not aggressive in the least. She likes people and will come up for attention when you enter her suite, even if she's never met you before. On occasion, she's been known to play vigorously, too.

With everything Dove has going for her, we're hoping she'll soon be adopted. One look at her pretty green eyes, and she just might end up in your home!

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