Donny Brook
Donny Brook
Gender Male
Age 10 years
Breed domestic shorthair
Color & markings orange tabby
Personality friendly
Good with children UNKNOWN
Good with dogs UNKNOWN
Good with cats LIKES
Help Support Donny Brook
Donny, a striking orange tabby, is about 6 months old (as of 2/09). He was found, along with his mother and 5 siblings, as a stray when he was just a few days old. Sadly, the family was sent to a shelter where they were scheduled for euthanasia, but fortunately they found their way to Tabby's Place instead.

Donny is a crazy boy! While he loves to play, he also loves to cuddle too and will eagerly accept hugs and kisses from visitors.

Recently we discovered that Donny had luxating patellas in both his hind legs, meaning his knee caps had a tendency to slip in and out of place. Although some cats do fine with this condition, Donny appeared to be very uncomfortable. After an evaluation by a specialist it was determined that Donny needed at least one corrective surgery on his left knee, and possibly two more, one on his other knee and one on his hip. He came through the surgery just fine, and his prognosis is good. However, Donny will need several weeks of cage rest to properly recover. After his recovery period is over we will be able to determine if further surgery is necessary.

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