Gender Female
Age 18 years
Breed domestic shorthair
Color & markings brown/orange torbie
Personality friendly
Good with children TOLERATES
Good with dogs UNKNOWN
Good with cats TOLERATES
Medical concerns Inflammatory bowel disease, Rhinitis, hyperthyroid, diabetes, mammary cancer
Help Support Raja
If Raja had a superpower, it would be cuddling. There's just no one better. Raja will burrow into just about anything, comforters, fleece blankets, cozies, cushions, beds, and canvas bags; all in such a way that allows for maximum cuteness, comfort, and peaceful rest. She's simply adorable and sweet as pie too!

Raja is battling mammary cancer. A small mammary tumor was detected early and removed. Raja is now finishing out a course of chemo. Since the cancer was caught early, we have a good chance of putting it into remission and giving her many more happy years. She would be so grateful to spend this time with her very own human cuddling companion.

Help keep Raja's spirits up during her recovery by sharing your love with her and her friends. Raja loves having visitors between 12-5PM, 7 days a week or make a donation to support Raja.