Special Need: incontinent

Gingko Our darling Gingko is a striking, medium-to-long haired tabby cat who frequents the lobby and community room. We suspect that Gingko has some Maine Coon in his ancestry. Along with his unusual, mottled black-and-brown markings, this makes him an unusual and beautiful cat.

But this kitty hasn't just got the looks - he's got the personality to match. Gingko loves human attention and seeks it out. He is a cuddle-bug and loves to curl up in a person's arms for the love he knows he's due. He doesn't love brushing, but at least tolerates it (good thing, since he has so much hair). If you don't immediately answer his request for petting, he will likely remind you very vocally! He's quite an affectionate cat - with people, that is. Without a little help from behavioral medication, Gingko has a tendency to beat all his feline neighbors into submission. (Since he somewhat resembles a lion, Gingko thinks it's only fitting that he should rule as king of the lobby.) Other cats are usually okay as long as they accept Gingko's superiority (and some do, of course, argue that fact), but a person's love is what Gingko craves.

Gingko will also put on a show for you if you supply him with a well-stuffed catnip toy. You'd think that a handsome 13-year-old cat would put a premium on his dignity, but that's not Gingko's style when the catnip comes out. He'll grab a toy, nuzzle his face into it, and roll around absolutely enraptured. When you add the cute factor to Gingko's gorgeous looks, he is hard to resist.


Unfortunately, our snuggly boy suffers from incontinence. Some time before Gingko came to Tabby's Place, he had a sub-total colectomy, which means that his colon was removed - in this case to alleviate the chronic constipation associated with megacolon. As a result, Gingko leaks stool at times, though he can go for long periods where it is not a problem. This doesn't slow him down in the least - and if he chooses to snuggle with you, just lay a towel on your lap and let the love-fest begin!

Because of Gingko's incontinence, we know it may take him some extra time to find his forever home. In the meantime, we treat him with a gastrointestinal antibiotic. Gingko also requires a good bit of staff and veterinary time, as he needs a little help each day in keeping his bottom clean. Since Gingko's condition is chronic, he'll continue this treatment for the foreseeable future.

Gingko is no longer a resident of Tabby's Place and is, thus, not available for sponsorship. You can read Gingko's last update here.