Special Need: Inflammatory bowel disease & chronic rhinitis

Raja Raja is a Hindi name meaning "hope" and "popularity" - perfect descriptions for this little purr machine. "Hope," because she came from a crowded shelter where she was scheduled to be euthanized two years ago, but instead came to Tabby's Place. "Popularity" because -- well, anyone who meets Raja knows why that description fits! Adorable, friendly, cozy - that's our little Miss Popularity alright

Nine-year-old Raja is happily ensconced in the employee and volunteer lounge at Tabby's Place, which assures a constant stream of human attention...as Raja deserves! If you ever have a brush in your hands and head her way, you'll be in her heart forever. (Raja's exuberant chirps towards anyone holding a brush make her wishes crystal-clear!)

All this charm and magnetism far outweigh the complexities in Raja's little body. When she first arrived, we were hopeful that her persistent diarrhea was just due to stress; many newcomers have diarrhea for their first few days or weeks, as they get used to their new life at Tabby's Place. Alas, Raja seemed to get worse, not better, and continued to lose weight. An ultrasound, endoscopy and biopsy revealed that she has inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). IBD describes a group of chronic gastrointestinal disorders, characterized by redness and irritation of the digestive tract. The cause of IBD is unknown, but many researchers suspect that it is an auto-immune disease. The "dream team" of a steroid, antibiotic and hypoallergenic diet help to ease the symptoms of Raja's IBD and keep her feeling fine.


Gentle Raja also has chronic rhinitis, which makes her sound rather "snorkely" much of the time. The main treatment for Raja's rhinitis is delighting her daily with a "spa session" -- a nebulizer blowing a fine mist into her sinuses to help her breathe more easily. We are treated to her sweet disposition if her session runs beyond the allotted three minutes in a crate -- if we leave her in there for a second longer, we can set our clocks by the sound of her meows! The steroid used to treat Raja's IBD is also helpful for her rhinitis. Finally, our gentle girl also has elevated liver values, which we treat with a liver-supportive medication and antibiotics.

This careful cocktail of special medications and food keeps Raja's symptoms under control. And even though IBD isn't exactly a glamorous condition and rhinitis is a risk for snoring, Raja's special needs don't seem to matter to her lounge-mates, Skittles and Mittens! The trio gets along marvelously.

If you would like to be a marvelous friend to little Raja, too, please help us to care for her. As Raja's loving sponsor, you help us to give her the medication, prescription food, and extra-special care she needs and deserves. Thank you for letting our little wonder touch your heart.

Raja is no longer a resident of Tabby's Place and is, thus, not available for sponsorship. You can read Raja's last update here.