Special Need: Severe Shyness


  • You're barely bigger than a kitten. You're completely, charmingly cross-eyed.
  • Your neighbors have decided they don't like you one bit.
  • What are you going to do?

Such was Bubbles' dilemma. The dainty, googly-eyed cat had scrabbled to survive outdoors for her first two years, and now things were desperate. Bubbles loved other cats, but the felines in her colony were aggressive, pushing her away from her food. With no one on her side, Bubbles was hungry, terrified, and facing a frightful future.

But, unknown to her, Bubbles was not alone.

Tabby's Place does targeted Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) in the area where Bubbles lived, and one of our colony caretakers alerted us to the little cat's plight. We embraced Bubbles into the Tabby's Place family, and she's never known a starving day since.

Today, Bubbles is safe, warm, and snuggled in a suite with other cat-loving kitties. Bubbles delights in the company of friends like Paco and Sequoia, and she can chow down to her heart's content.


But although she's safe and happy, Bubbles still isn't sure about one species: ours. Since Bubbles grew up without human socialization, she never learned to trust people. Much as she loves cats, Bubbles fears humans. All too often, an adopter comes to Tabby's Place, smitten with Bubbles' photo...and walks away heartbroken when he realizes she has no interest in his affection.

That's where our Socialization Program comes in. Through specialized training and patient work, volunteers work with Bubbles to help her learn to trust. Ever so slowly, our brave little cat is beginning to make progress. Hisses and bites have given way to blinks and toleration, and certain humans have even known the joy of petting Bubbles. We know that's bound to continue as Bubbles continues to blossom.

We hope Bubbles will someday be adopted, but we're here for her as long as she needs us, whether that's a year or a lifetime. You can help to fill that time with love, patience, and veterinary care as Bubbles' sponsor. Will you show this little sweetie that she's not alone?

Bubbles is no longer a resident of Tabby's Place and is, thus, not available for sponsorship. You can read Bubbles' last update here.