Finding a Home for a Cat

stray cat You are here because you are trying to find a home for a cat. It could be your cat, a friend's cat or a stray cat. You might be a member of the public, you might work at a shelter or you might be a volunteer.

Whatever the reasons, we get many calls each day from people like you who want to find a safe haven for a cat and do not know where to turn.

Most people want to know if Tabby's Place can take the cat. We wish we could take them all .... but that is, of course, not possible. And, even though it is possible that your cat could be accepted to Tabby's Place, the probability is, unfortunately, low.

black cat

But, we have a lot of practical experience with helping people save cats. So we have distilled that knowledge into an online process to provide you as many options as possible to find a home for a cat.

Before you click the button on the right to get started, please note

  1. It is usually very difficult to find a good home for a cat. So, please be prepared to spend a lot of time, effort and, possibly, money to achieve a good outcome.
  2. Our process leads you through a number of questions to understand your needs and to provide the best advice. Please be patient and stick with it. Along the way you will find advice, information, useful links and even materials for use in your quest.
  3. You may very well want to pause and resume the process a few times. You can do this clicking the "Save Progress" button at the bottom of most pages.
  4. We are always improving this process. Please take the time to provide feedback along the way, when indicated.